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Law Of The Land

Success comes post learning, true learning comes with experience. Experiences, good or bad, then transpire to trivia.
My Real Estate journey left me with a lot of experiences which I choose to quote in the form of trivia.
I choose to call it “LAW OF THE LAND”

It doesn’t matter what you believe, what matters is
what you can prove

Your degree is just a paper. Real education is seen
in your behaviour

A tourist is the one escaping while a traveler is the one experiencing

The leader always walks last

Why rent when you can buy​

A wise man once said nothing

Not invincible only people

Making decisions makes you solid

Pain is weakness exiting the body

Doubt leads to death. If there is doubt, clear it before it clears you

Slowly is the fastest way to get to where you want to be

Courage is finding the will to overcome your fears, nothing more

In futile pursuit of that oomph called absolute life​

Put your skin in the game and you shall master the game faster

Don’t just push a box. Pitch only what you would buy if you had the money

If you lose objectivity, rejoice. Often the best minds tend to lose objectivity in their pursuit for excellence

Motivation is not a 'one size fits all' therapy. Anyone who said that is selling you hope and in turn selling you smoke

Uninformed risk is a gamble, an informed one is business. Stay informed, you will be in business

Slow down
Tomorrow is another day

What money can’t buy,
more money can buy

Pain is weakness exiting the body

Lost are those who never ventured out

Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional

The art of knowing is knowing what to ignore

I am a mirror, reflecting your flaws. Correct them by acknowledging what I reflect of you and find your true self

The difference between humans and animals. Animals do not have financial worries

Leave the party when it is at its peak. If you wait too long, you will be the one cleaning the mess it created

I have been poor and I have been rich. Believe me, rich is better

The skill of a broker lies in gauging the financial capabilities of his buyer​

Sometimes, you need to get into the chaos, in order to restore order

It’s not about chasing every opportunity that knocks your door. It’s about identifying that one opportunity that changes your life forever​

They say we choose life. It’s not true. Life chooses you. And when it does, make sure you make the best of it

It ain't what you don't know that gets you in trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so

And then one day they didn't even respect their history. They simply parted

Reject or accept darkness, it doesn't matter. But the choice reveals who you are

Mike Tyson rightly said... Every boxer has a plan, until you are punched in the face

If you get too deep into analysing the pros and cons of a given situation, you definitely will lose the opportunity

Delegate but keep one up your sleeve. Remember the cat taught the tiger how to hunt but never to climb a tree​

Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it anyway

Victory is best enjoyed when the world expects you to lose

There is always a truth beyond the truth we want to believe

Democratize your wealth and definitely democratize power

Definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result

Sugar rush motivation... Like a bottle of coke, leaves you more desperate

The greater the feeling when it begins, the bigger the blunder eventually. Moderation is key to longevity

I am not bossy
I just have better ideas

To measure the depth of the water, you need to get into it

Every man dies, but not every man really lives

The reasonable man adapts himself to the world. The unreasonable man persists to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man

Deliberate thinking is thinking based on data and statistics. Intuitive thinking where our gut commands our decisions. 80 percent of the world leaders go with intuitive thinking

Every day you are told you are in a free country. Broadly it's true. But everyday we wake up to being slaves to situations like debt, anxiety, stress, fear, failure, indignity and above all betrayal

One day we all shall die On all other days we shall live

Find a solution Don't be a part of the problem

Everybody gets a chance. You just need to wait for yours

Always choose GUT
over TRUST

Inflation is a growing concern, Real estate is the only hedge

Deeper the thought
weaker the decision

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing

The power doesn't lie with the king who takes the throne, it lies with the king maker​

A person who accepts that he doesn’t know today will definitely be a game changer tomorrow​

Beyond the roads less travelled is a place called Further. Where you get to explore uncharted territories. Here you do more than merely exist

It’s always one step at a time. Pondering is not being lazy. Awaiting the right opportunity is definitely not being lazy

When the lake is full of water, the fish eat the ants. When the lake dries up, the ant eat the fish. Everyone gets their chance

‘Bukhe peth bhajan naa hoye Gopala’. A hungry man craves money not Gyaan

Owning real estate is the most intoxicating feeling a man can get

Becoming a monk is definitely not what we came in the material world for

Too much, too quick
is too bad

Moderation is the key to longevity

Absorb only with the intent to exude

Fortunately or unfortunately, we live in a material world. Your success is defined by your material wealth after all

Holding yourself from making a decision is like ignoring a wound waiting to become a gangrene

Slowly is the fastest way to get to where you want to be
– Andre De Shields

Life is a journey and death the final destination. Everything we achieve in this journey are mere milestones

The race in our minds should halt
at death and nowhere
before that

For me success is about touching the finish line, only to make the finish line start of a new race

Sometimes, the right paths are the easiest ones

They say happiness is giving. So start with giving yourself

Life's not always about being right,. At times it's about being happy

A bad market is like quicksand
the more you struggle to get out of it
the faster you go in

Making decisions is simple.
Anything that makes you happy
is a good decision

Buying your own home is the
biggest milestone in the quest to be materially successful

Freedom in modern times is nothing but being financially independent. So let us thrive to be free man

There is nothing more powerful than the feeling of having more money than what you need

They say we choose life. It’s not true. Life chooses you. And when it does, make sure you make the best of it

Time is our ally. Don't despise bad time. If nothing else, just wait out

Failure is not something to run from but to learn from

In futile pursuit of that oomph called absolute life

Motivation is like giving a coke to someone in destitute. At first it gives you high, but eventually get you in a deeper low

Just because you choose a difficult path doesn’t assure you it’s the right one. Sometimes, the right paths are the easiest ones

Never put your short term earnings into long term goals. It will only ruin your present in pursuit of securing your future

Every morning in Africa, a Gazelle wakes up. It knows it must run faster than the fastest lion or it will be killed

Every morning a Lion wakes up. It knows it must outrun the slowest Gazelle or it will starve to death

It doesn't matter whether you are a Lion or a Gazelle ... when the sun comes up, you'd better be running

If you are not desperate to win,
then you will never fear defeat
- Inspired by Bhagwat Geeta

Gyaan alone cannot sail you through.
Karma is key.
Do get up and act.

Whether geek, monk or street smart boy, they all need to get up and perform


Retail Buyer / Seller Guidance

Are you a retail buyer?

Do you have a problem with closing your deal because you are unable to:

Call us and we shall guide you with appropriate advisory. Whether you intend to buy a property through us or merely seek consultation in terms of anything at all, even if you have identified the deal through someone else, please contact us and we shall answer your queries and shall try to make you take an informed call.

Help yourself by calling us because no deal should end up with you concluding, “REAL ESTATE IS NOT FOR ME”.


Builder / Developer Services

We assist Developers sell

You have a boutique project that you wish to sell. Get in touch with us. Decentralizing is key. You are a good creator, manage that persona. Let sales be the headache of sales experts.Uber modules get the best out of everyone.

As a builder, identifying a good land parcel and making a good project on it, is all one needs to concentrate upon. Sales happen as a by-product of a well-located property having a good project on it. To upscale the prices of such projects, you definitely need a good sales and marketing team, that can simply be outsourced. If you need milk, one doesn’t buy a cow. Dairy is where one needs to go. Outsourcing sales is relatively new but is fast becoming a proven trend that is garnering support in Realty markets and is the right approach to result-oriented business. From creating a shout to generating interest from both clients and channels, creating hype to upsell the product, and finally achieving the desired sales numbers, we do it all. We will take up sales of the project as a turnkey offering.

Celebrity endorsements are passé. Industry experts validating the projects and developers have an editorial impact on the customers, unlike a celebrity endorsement that comes across as an advertorial one. Such informed and educated third-party endorsements enhance the belief of not only the buyer, but also the internal sales team and the channel partners. If you think you have a good project with sufficient sales bandwidth but need some traction in terms of creating interest, meet us. We will create an unbiased and legitimate third-party eye view to help expedite fence-sitting potential clients. Since this is more an editorial validation, it is a neutral, unbiased view citing both, the pros and cons of a project. We rate and endorse your product giving both your internal sales team a boost and an assurance to both broker and potential buyers about how the product will transpire holistically.

These inputs are used in the following way:

 1. Through videos in social media networks through our portal, Instagram / Facebook

 2. Through live sessions in your channel partner meets

 3. Through meeting your internal sales team and making it a part of their grooming lessons, so as to have seasoned responses to customer queries

Get in touch with us to get an editorial insight for you, your team, and most importantly your customer.

It’s not always good incentives that drive your channel partners and in-house sales force. Good motivational therapy is like a pinch of salt, that makes a good sales recipe the best.​

These include :​

 1. One-to-one sessions with the team discussing and resolving ground-related issues being faced​

2. Group discussions to motivate team spirit and positivity in the team

3. Meetings with a channel to audit channel relations and enhance their belief in the brand

4. Editorial reviews at project launches​

Call us and we could awaken the best out of your sales force to keep them alive, excited, and kicking. No matter how good your diamonds are, polishing at decent intervals will make them shine always.

We specialize in real estate-centric motivational pitches which act as catalysts when your force interacts with a prospective client. Such talks strengthen the very foundation of the sales team and give your institution a better playing wicket when it comes to sales



We specialize in grooming brokers

Unlike most developed economies, the broker fraternity in India is extremely unorganized. Today, the role of the broker is looked upon as the one who merely introduces the potential buyer to the seller. It is this thought process in people at large that makes us brokers look like we aren’t required eventually and post the deal is completed we are made to compromise on our dues. An informed and structured approach will make you INDISPENSABLE.

Developing and grooming your personality, to make you more presentable and above all dependable, is the need of the hour. Making you an indispensable part of a deal structure, and making people rely upon you is what we need to achieve. What is important here is that a client’s first-time impression of you should be that of a dependable persona. Grooming this persona, making you in charge in the very first meeting with the prospective client is what we do.

Mentoring alone, cannot achieve desired results. It is the micros of every deal that are critical. Deep diving into how to conduct the business, making a shout, generating leads, approaching the inquiries, strategy, structuring the deals, overseeing the legalities, assistance, and guidance with the taxation and many more micros need to be addressed en route to a graceful closure. What it takes is your ability to resolve the concerns, which vary from deal to deal. It is the knowledge of the book combined with all the practical experience that will give you an edge as a holistic realty broker the clients are looking for. This will not only get you your dues but will make you a sort after agency and will go a long way to generate referrals and repeat business. That is when the markets will respect you and make the business of realty broking a solution-oriented business, not just a referral business as it mostly is these days. Find your rightful position in this food chain by getting in touch with us.

If you are a broker and you are lost in terms of any structural failure, closure issues, bridging the sales gap issue between buyer and seller, or anything that is sticking the deal up, join us and we shall help you evaluate and also tackle the issue at hand. Even if it’s merely motivation you seek, please do call us as we would like to believe that this business has a lot and more for everyone.

Thinking success is just not coming your way in spite of the tremendous efforts you are making!

Running fast alone doesn’t make you win a race. Running in the right direction is the start of the winning theme. Let us talk to you to understand what you might be doing wrong and get you back on the right track. Once on track, speed will come as a by-product of the deals we click. Call us and stay motivated. Real estate broking has enough and more for everyone to ride a successful tide.